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Jack Nourafshan Qualities Of Effective Entrepreneurs

Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs

To become a successful entrepreneur, it isn't enough to simply develop a winning idea; to truly build a business from the ground up, entrepreneurs must cultivate a skill set that will see them through both the good times and the bad of a company's development. Here...

JN Entrepreneurship 101 What Is Entrepreneurship, Jack Nourafshan

Entrepreneurship 101: What Is Entrepreneurship?

As we continue to make advances in today’s society, we help to transform how the workforce and industries function as well. An important part of this transformation is being found more and more within jobs themselves, with new professional opportunities arising each...

JN Leadership 101 What Is Leadership jack nourafshan

Leadership 101: What Is Leadership?

When first entering the workforce, a new professional may find that they have quite a bit to learn about transitioning to a full-time employee. From learning how to stay organized to determining the best way to approach a project, it can quickly become intimidating to...